Max Rubner Institute

The Max Rubner Institute (MRI), the Federal Research Institute of Nutrition and Food, was founded on January 1st 2008. Its research focus is put on health and consumer protection in the nutrition sector. The institute is a consulting partner for the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). The head office of the institute is in Karlsruhe, further research centers are located in Kiel, Detmold and Kulmbach.

Das Max Rubner-Institut untersucht am Standort Kiel die Sicherheit und die Qualität bei Milch und Fisch

Max Rubner – who?

Max Rubner (1854-1932) was a physician and physiologist. His experimental work forms the basis of modern nutrition science. Rubner's measurements and tests about the energy level of nutrient serve as a scientific foundation in the area of nutrition research. He created the basis for the calorie chart which is still valid today. In fact, the subject matter of energy balances which he worked on as well is more up-to-date than ever. 

Four of the eight departments as well as the study group 'Analytics at the MRI' work on a cross-product level. Cross-product research projects include: Investigations of the nutrition and health value of foods, work in the field of food safety or biochemical engineering. This involves looking at the entire process chain from the molecular and cellular level up to the individual human being as a whole.

Special attention is also paid to investigations concerning food consumption. The research work of the remaining four departments focuses on specific food categories such as cereals, vegetables, milk and meat. Here, research is oriented at the production chain. The departments do not only aim at maintaining and improving the safety and quality of food but they also have the intention to ensure the sustainability of food production.

Location Kiel:

  • Microbiology and biotechnology
  • Safety and quality of milk and fish products

The institute's experimental station Schädtbek (100 cows), the national reference laboratory and the technical school for milk and milk products all account for outstanding conditions for analysis. Thus, Kiel's scientists get the opportunity to take a direct influence on factors which effect the quality of milk.


Kuh an einer Melkstation
Assistentin mit Proben
Assistentin mit Proben in Petrischalen

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