College sports

Fit for everyday student life: sport is a key part of university life. The inexpensive programme benefits all students in Kiel, as well as other university members, and provides a healthy balance to learning and working. Many sporting activities are also open to the public.

Dinghy under sails on the Kiel Fjord
Sailing at Kiel University

All kinds of sports – from A for Aqua Jogging right through to Z for Zumba – are part of the programme in the sports forum at Kiel University. There is also an indoor swimming pool. The fitness centre (FiZ), one of the biggest in Germany, offers users a comprehensive range of fitness equipment, as well as group courses and coordination training.

And of course, water sports play an important role in Kiel. In addition to the Rowing Centre, the university's own Sailing Centre in Kiel Schilksee is a particular showpiece. The programme ranges from sailing lessons for beginners in dinghies to sailing cruises on our own yachts.

In cooperation with partners, Kiel University of Applied Sciences offers sailing, kite-surfing and surfing during summer semesters. Its sports programme, which includes ball sports, self-defence, dance and health courses, uses various sports venues on the Ostufer (east bank).

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Photo top: Arne Biederbeck / Uni Kiel
Photos bottom (from left): Jürgen Haacks / Uni Kiel; Jürgen Haacks / Uni Kiel; Horst Brix / Uni Kiel