Help & advice

How do I finance my studies? Where do I get help if I am not feeling well? How do I organise my studies around my children? What support is there for me if I am disabled?

There are contacts at the student welfare organisation Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein and some direct contacts at Kiel’s universities to answer these types of questions.



Studying without barriers

A physical limitation, chronic illness or disability can make studying more difficult for many of those affected.

Universities not only have a statutory duty to balance out these disadvantages and create conditions required for successful study, they have also declared their commitment to this effect.

Kiel’s universities and the student welfare organisation Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein offer relevant advice and support for students, teachers and other members of staff.

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Studying with children

Parenting, studying and perhaps working, too - juggling everything at the same time is a particular challenge.

In Germany, according to the student welfare organisation Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein, around six percent of all students of Bachelor’s degree programmes are also parents. The daily life of students with children is often more complicated than that of childless students, involves more organisation and is more expensive.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein advises students with children and runs five daycare centres for children of students. The university canteens also provide free children's meals.

For a good introduction and overview of the statutory regulations, have a look at the Studentenwerk’s brochure „Studieren mit Kind in Schleswig-Holstein. Informationen + Tipps".

Kiel University of Applied Sciences and Kiel University have established family service offices. The student union (AStA) at Kiel University also offers advice and organises regular family breakfasts and family coffee mornings for students with children.



Social & psychological advice

Examination anxiety, performance pressure, exhaustion, relationship problems or financial hardships – sometimes situations arise in which we need support and it is helpful to be able to speak to a neutral listener.

Alongside comprehensive social advice , Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein also offers free psychological advice.

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Financing studies

Studying costs money and many students use several sources of funding. Loans, scholarships and BAföG (Student Financial Assistance Programme) are available for financial support.

Sometimes students can also claim housing benefits or social security benefits, for example, for pregnant women or single parents. Working a side job is also possible to a varying degree.

Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein’s webpage about financing studies offers a overview. Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein provides detailed information and advice on the subject.

Kiel University also offers information on financing your studies and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design details specific scholarships and competitions, available to their students.

City of Kiel, Kiel University and Kiel University of Applied Sciences award their own scholarships

Kiel University and Kiel University of Applied Sciences award the “Deutschlandstipendium” (Germany scholarships) as part of a nationwide funding programme. The City of Kiel supports foreign students from its partner cities with the Kiel Scholarship.