Part-time jobs & work experience

Most students work part-time jobs alongside their studies. By doing so, they boost their income and gain their first experiences of working life.

Kiel offers many opportunities for part-time work alongside studies or for gaining first insights into working life through work experience placements. There are lots of cafés, restaurants and shops, Kieler Woche as a major annual event, the Landtag (regional parliament) and other political establishments, agencies and many interesting companies.

Junge Frau hinter einem Cafe-Bar-Tresen

Opportunities for part-time work

  • as a student trainee
  • as a low income earner (mini job or €450 job)
  • as a temporary employee, e.g. job during the semester break
  • a midi job
  • as a freelancer

Please note: additional earnings affect your tax and social security contributions and if you receive BAföG (Student Financial Assistance Programme), any average monthly income over €450 will be deducted from your BAföG rate. More information on this is provided by the student welfare organisation Studentenwerk Schleswig-Holstein.

Legal claims

Students are subject to the same statutory regulations under employment law as all other employees:

  • minimum wage
  • right to a written contract of employment
  • six weeks of continued pay in the event of sickness
  • right to paid holiday leave on a pro rata basis
  • adherence to notice periods